sketch by denise waldrep


discography (so to speak)

solo, leader, or band member recordings, linked where available to purchasing/listening sites.

2015  Field Notes," Hector Qirko (Blind Guru)


2009  Spies, Lies, and Burning Eyes," R.B. Morris (Rich Mountain Bound)


2008   Old School,” hqband (Blind Guru)


2007   Wherever You Go,” Hector Qirko (Blind Guru)


2007   Empire,” R.B. Morris (AC Entertainment)


2005   Just Like New,” Lonesome Coyotes (Leap of Faith)


2003   UWP,” Hector Qirko with Terry Hill (Blind Guru)


2002   "82-02” Lonesome Coyotes (Too Tall)


2001   "Live Like This (Plus!),” Balboa (Wonderdog)


2000   South,” hqband (Blind Guru)


1999   Zeke and the Wheel,” R.B. Morris (Koch)


1998   Knoxville Sessions,” R.B. Morris (Rich Mountain Bound)


1994   Blues is a Living Thing,” hqband (Blind Guru)


1992   Can’t Help It,” hqband (Blind Guru)


1991   Local Man,” R.B. Morris (D.Void)


1989   Road to Ruin,” hqband (Blind Guru)


1985   “Pickin’ at the Paradise Live,” I-40 Paradise Band (Cinetel)